TSA Communications Topics of Interest

Here are a number of industrial public relations ideas that can increase exposure for your company...

1.   Products — New products, how to use products, new uses for products, new features for products, new materials used, new construction methods employed, new service added or changed.
2, Employee accomplishments — Personal honors, community participation, service awards.
3, Letters to the editor — Taking issue with an article, commending an article, correcting an article, suggesting needed coverage, offering opinion.
4, Special meetings — Trade show participation, employee events.
5, Testimonials — Customer success stories, long-time users.
6, Business expansion — New plants, offices, equipment or systems, upgrades, mergers, announcement of long range plans, new marketing/sales promotions.
7, Published articles — Stories on speeches or technical papers presented at trade meetings, community meetings, technical sessions.
8, Open house affairs — Opening of new plants or facilities, plant tours for special groups.
9. Contests — Announcing contest, announcing awards or coverage of awards ceremonies.
10. New literature — Catalogs, brochures, flyers.
11. People changes — New hires, retirements, promotions, anniversaries reached, new dealers/distributors/reps, new positions created.
12. Historical milestones — Company anniversaries, then-and-now stories.
13. Social media marketing — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and other social media outlets.
14. Catastrophe news — Fires, floods, accidents, explosions, wind damage, etc. and recovery plans or correctional actions
15. Sales orders — Reporting large sales, sales records, recent sales, unusual sales or sales to new foreign countries, etc.
16. Famous or celebrity plant visitors — Or customers. Also visits by trade groups or foreign investment groups.
17. New trade names — New trademarks, slogans, package design.

This may not be a complete list, but you’ll surely spot some public relations ideas that you can put in place right now to get increased exposure for your company. And we'll be glad to help!

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