We've used other business-to-business agencies before with unsatisfactory results.
Why should we believe that TSA Communications will be any different?

We don't know why you had an unsatisfactory relationship with your former btob marketing communications agency. Perhaps they were not ethical. Perhaps they did not understand your business or your markets. Perhaps they were inexperienced. Perhaps they didn't listen. Perhaps their work was amateurish. Perhaps they were used to creating consumer advertising. Perhaps they did not place a high enough priority on client service. Perhaps they were inefficient and too costly.

Perhaps they weren't given adequate information. Perhaps, they were kept out of the early planning and decision making. Perhaps they weren't given the freedom to create new approaches. Perhaps their creative ideas were dismissed. Perhaps contradictory solutions were dictated to them. Perhaps their work was micro-managed and nit-picked into impotence. Perhaps they didn't object to this. Perhaps there were personal or political considerations that didn't give them a chance.

A successful advertiser-agency relationship is like a marriage. It is a two-way street. We try very hard not to do any of the things in the first paragraph. We hope you try hard not to do the things in the second paragraph. If we are both faithful to these promises, it will succeed.

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