Who ever heard of Warsaw, Indiana?
And, why is TSA Communications located there?

TSA Communications specializes in business-to-business advertising and marketing communications for firms in commerce, industry or agribusiness. We have been doing this since 1948 when the company (then Tri-State Advertising) was founded by the late W. H. Kreicker. He helped pioneer the field in the 1930's. He was a man of vision and foresaw the day when successful ad agencies would no longer need to be located in expensive offices downtown in the three major advertising centers of New York, Detroit and Chicago. He tried to persuade his associates in the Chicago advertising agency he headed to move to the suburbs. Failing to convince them, he struck out on his own.

Dealing with business markets, TSA would gain no particular benefit by being in a high overhead location near consumer media, television, radio and newspapers. Today, all kinds of advertising agencies have moved out of the central cities to the suburbs, and, in fact, the three big centers have now diversified throughout the South, Midwest, East and West Coast. No one could have foreseen the vast development of communication that now brings the whole world as close as your desktop. It lets us create great advertising here for clients anywhere and serve them as if they were next door.

Warsaw, Indiana was selected a headquarters for TSA Communications, because it was central, within easy travel distance to more than 60% of the industry in the nation. Plus it had the advantage of being a comfortable "home town" kind of place in the midst of the northern Indiana lake country that affords many recreational opportunities and a casual lifestyle that contributes to creative thinking.

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