What is TSA Communications' creative philosophy for business-to-business marketing?

Here are a dozen things that make our creative work for business-to-business marketing stand out in results. These are the things that make it work.

1. Every solution is custom made to accomplish a specific task, solve a particular problem.
2. It shows or involves people, preferably product users. It is personal, human and familiar.
3. The message is aimed at the business motivation of the buyer. That's what separates business-to-business advertising from consumer ads.
4. The headline is specifically targeted with a benefit for a buying influence. It speaks the language of the reader's interest and not to everyone.
5. The story may tell about real users through case histories, testimonials.
6. Appearance is unique to the sponsor -- original --not just following what everybody else is doing because it's popular. Uses artistic devices to assist in communication, not obscure or confuse the message.
7. The presentation dramatizes a single strong sales premise -- presents a proposition of benefit to the buyer.
8. It communicates in clear, friendly conversational language.
9. The layout uses a large dominant illustration to tell a story; simplicity, color, bleed and drama to seize attention, send the message.
10. It conveys information about the product, shows it in use, reveals it in cutaways, engineering drawings and with callouts.
11. Writing is active, interesting and in good taste using proper grammar and spelling.
12. It is believable and convincing, not self-centered and bragging. The message asks for action, reader participation, response.

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