We know an agency that charges for everything, phone calls,
even just stopping by to take me to lunch. What do you charge for?

We charge for things you ask us to do. We are your agent, hired to help you with your marketing and create effective integrated marketing communications tools. We do not charge you for time we spend learning what or how to do it. We do not charge you for our own mistakes. (We don't make many.) We don't charge for the incidental expenses of doing business directly, telephone calls, mileage or an occasional lunch or dinner. But, of course, our hourly charges include an allowance to cover those expenses.

We do not charge you for time that is covered by media commissions or mark-ups on purchased materials. We manage our time so that our overhead doesn't get out of hand. It costs a lot less to do business on Warsaw's Buffalo Street than it does on Chicago's Michigan Avenue.

Our hourly charges are extremely competitive. All-in-all our clients get great value for their marketing communications dollar.

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