Wouldn't I save money by doing my marketing communications in-house as opposed to using a business-to-business advertising agency like TSA Communications?

No. Not if you are being honest with yourself about your real costs. This is what is really behind all of the corporate restructuring and layoffs you hear about. Management finally realized that it is more productive to eliminate in-house bureaucracies and outsource certain kinds of work. Especially things like marketing communications that require expensive talent like skilled writers and expert computer graphic artists. Especially if you don't have enough for them to do full time.

A consultant writing in Advertising Age magazine pointed out that it does not pay to have an in-house department doing advertising unless your budget exceeds $4 million. Otherwise, you are using people with less than the desired level of experience and talent wearing several hats or you have high priced people sitting around making work because they do not have enough to do. Either condition is wasteful.

Look at your costs realistically. Salaries are just the beginning. After salaries come benefits: insurance, payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare, vacations and leaves of absence, office space, heat, light and maintenance, plus the investment in equipment. When you outsource to a business-to-business advertising agency, you pay for all this talent and overhead only while it is working for you. When you do it in-house you pay for it every minute, of every hour, of every working day, all year long. Are you really getting your money's worth?

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