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Who do you talk with when you are considering a purchase? Chances are you ask a friend or acquaintance that owns or has the product to get an owner’s opinion of the item before you seek out a dealer or salesperson. That’s why in business-to-business advertising it pays to use the case history or testimonial type of message. We advocate this for all of our clients for several reasons. For one thing, this type of advertising achieves an average of 7% higher readership than straight product ads. A good testimonial or owner’s story is much more believable than the advertiser’s own claims or boasts. This credibility can be tapped to increase beneficial response with skillful execution of your message. At TSA Communications, we like it and specialize in developing highly credible owner endorsements. We have devised a method for finding and securing statements from our clients’ customers to endorse the product.

To evaluate the effectiveness of this approach, consider that Visa credit cards have taken a huge share of the credit card market by skillfully exploiting the stories of their retail customers who accept Visa and refuse American Express. You’ve seen the ads: "When you go skiing at Snowy Mountain, be sure to bring your Visa Card because they don’t take American Express." The Wall Street Journal has reported that the technique has resulted in a gain for Visa from a 42% share to over 50%, while American Express has dropped from a 25% share to 18%. To take advantage of TSA Communications' expertise with this and other powerful business-to-business marketing solutions, write, call or click today.

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