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"To the average man, time has something to do with dinner."

One day time stands still. The next day it doesn’t. It flies. It heals all wounds, wounds all heels. It greatly equalizes. It’s on your hands. It’s on my side. We romanticize it, anthropomorphize it, and associate it with the tide, a stitch, and money. We spend it, get lost in it, and otherwise waste or kill it.

No one seems to have enough of it. Except perhaps for the marketing manager who has no concept of time or its value. You know Mr. X. He thinks advertising agencies charge way too much for their services (or don’t understand his needs) so he skips breakfast to write his own ads, passes on lunch to design his own literature, then glosses over the rest of his daily responsibilities to edit and redesign. In his mind his time is, well, free. And free it might be—since he apparently doesn’t have other responsibilities. Or an appetite.

Let us direct Mr. X and you to any of those time-evaluators that seem to be all over the place. Bypass salary, commuting, clothing, seminars, and networking. Find the page that tells you how to be in two places at one time. What? It’s not there? Of course it’s not. It’s not in your leather-bound organizer, either.

Look, while we’re preparing your media advertising, collateral and other business-to-business marketing solutions, you could be managing all of the facets of your marketing or taking care of other items on your too-long to-do list. Think about these words from J.A. Van Horn: "To the philosopher, time is one of the fundamental quantities. To the average man, time has something to do with dinner."

Tonight go have a nice dinner. Tomorrow contact us. Time isn’t like corn chips; we can’t make more, but maybe we can help you free up some so you can concentrate on the things you do best.

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