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Print Advertising and PR Still Getting it Done?

Increased on-line ad spending is a continuing trend. And we're seeing some decrease in conventional print advertising/PR with several clients. This may be a trend, but is it the right direction? Do conventional print efforts pay dividends? We like to think so.

Print advertising and public relations do many things, and one of the things they do is drive new visitors to websites. For proof, take a look at the results two different TSA clients found.

In our first case, we had a fairly aggressive advertiser virtually stop their program in January. So we wanted to compare the number of new visitors to their website the last three months of last year with the number of new visitors for January, February and March this year.

This client saw a drop of over 100 new visitors to their site each of these three months compared to the last three months of the previous year. When we compared new visitor activity to the previous year for all months (January through October to date) new visitors were down every month but two.

Enter our second case... We had a client decide to get more aggressive in the new calendar year with print advertising and PR activity. How did it seem to affect their new site visitor results? Big. They saw new site visitors boom right from the start- an average of 170% more new visitors per month this year to years past.

Can we blame the lack of print media completely in the first case? Can print media take all the credit in the second case? The answer to both is probably no. But everything else in these clients' programs remained constant and their conventional programs either stopped or got increased and the results seem to speak for themselves

Bottom Line: Advertising and PR deliver many benefits. Want more new site visitors? Conventional PR and advertising seem to be a VERY good way to get that done.

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