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Seven ways you can get more from your advertising agency.

You have no doubt heard that the agency-client relationship is much like a marriage and it's true. And as much as we would like to suggest you seek a new agency today (ours for instance), the truth is this: It is better to make your current relationship better than go through the cost and agony of creating a new one. Just as it is in a marriage. Here, then, are seven things that should improve your present relationship and help you get more from your advertising agency.

1. Tell the agency where you're going and ask them to tell you how to get there. Ask them what you really should be doing and why. This may seem obvious, but sometimes you are telling them what to do. Other times you may be doing what is "efficient" rather than what is really needed to get the job done.
2.   Load them up Part One. Let them in on the facts and figures of your business. Share the details to the deepest degree possible. The more they know, the better they'll do. The more they feel part of the team, the better they'll do.
3. Load them up Part Two. Give the agency as much work as you can. Don't shop projects around. The more work they do for you will increase your importance to them and increase their loyalty to you. Plus, handling all of your work will lead to a more honest exchange of ideas--they'll know they won't lose work to others when there are no others.
4. Speaking of an honest exchange of ideas...Demand integrity from your agency and give it. 100% in both directions makes solid relationships.
5. Make sure you understand your agency's invoicing practices and each invoice. If you do not, problems will surface. If you do, do not be cheap, and pay your bills on time. Your agency deserves to make money just as you deserve good service, quality creative thinking, etc.
6. Build the agency up within your company. If they look good, you look good. Plus, if you wave their flag, they'll gladly wave yours.
7. Treat your agency as a marketing communications partner, not a vendor. After all, this is the group of people who is going to help take you where you want to go. Getting there together will be easier, quicker and far more rewarding.

If you take these steps you will get more from your agency and be better able to avoid divorce court. Or, if you feel it's time to move on please contact us.

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