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Win the search.

More marketers cut conventional spending and increase search marketing. With the death of reader service inquiries, more and more marketers are having trouble seeing any effect from their conventional advertising efforts. This is leading to reduced budgets for those good-old-fashioned tactics and increased budgets for digital advertising.

The old pre-internet studies said print advertising drove awareness which in turn drove market share and profitability. Today's marketing managers increasingly want "something they can get their hands on." Like more clicks.

Marketers increasingly rely on search engine optimization and pay-per-click programs to finish higher than the competition in the battle for those clicks.

Win the Search. The best way to win the search is TO GET PEOPLE SEARCHING FOR YOU OR YOUR BRAND. Of course you want to finish high up when search engine users are looking for your kind of mousetrap. Your competitors want the same. The best way to beat your competition is to have your prospect search for you by name.

It's simple: Strong brands win more searches. And it's still true: Conventional advertising and PR help build strong brands and WIN SEARCHES.

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