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Beat the search!

Last time we talked about winning searches. No question: Search engine marketing has become and will remain a cornerstone of any solid integrated marketing communications program. The fact is that engineers and others use search engines every day to find the products and services they're looking for. Search engine marketing helps you win those search battles.

The single best way to win those search battles is TO KEEP THEM FROM TAKING PLACE. Your competitors are sharks in those search waters. To save your customers and prospects from those sharks, get them to your own website first!

There are on-line ways to do this. But the fact is that conventional print advertising and public relations activities drive direct site traffic. And if you fear a straight profit motive from us on this point, consider this: at 15% margin, conventional print advertising provides the lowest margins in our business.

But we feel the best way to build your brand and build your business is with a balanced attack of marketing communications - using the best of the old and the new.

Want to beat the search? Get them to your site first. Want to talk to us? Click here.

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