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Getting by with less.

For some, times are really tough. You've probably seen the studies. They all prove that when times are tough if you can afford to maintain your voice in the marketplace you will be rewarded. Rewarded with larger market share in the downturn. Rewarded with greater sales and ROI after the inevitable recovery. And if you are able to increase your voice in the marketplace during the downturn your reward will be even greater.

And that's all true. If you can afford to maintain or increase while others are cutting back: Good for you. You have decades of marketing research backing you up on that one.

The reality for many today is that real budgets have shrunk. Sometimes budget cuts are a fact of life, regardless of what the studies show. If you face that unpleasant reality now, here are two simple tips to help you get by with less.

Forgive the balanced portfolio metaphor, but as your budget reduces you need to work hard to maintain a balanced, integrated marketing communications program. You should start with a good, balanced program (if you don't, we need to talk), then maintain that balance "on the way down." Cutting out all your media advertising or just going with a public relations program isn't the right answer. Until some too-small point, every program benefits by having things in proper balance with each other.

Next, all of the elements of your program need to be absolutely pointed in the right direction. You can't afford waste, mixed messaging or inefficiencies when budgets shrink. Every arrow has to hit its target. When you are forced to have a smaller voice in the marketplace, what you say has to be spot on.

We'd be glad to talk to you about these concepts. Just drop us an e-mail.

And here's hoping you are among those with the ability to maintain, or even increase your voice in the marketplace are rewarded. And to those who are forced in the opposite direction, a balanced and targeted media advertising and public relations program can help you get by with less.

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