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The Old Songs are the Best Songs.

This from a 1952 TSA promotional ink blotter of all things-

“NOW… MORE THAN EVER, advertising should be well planned. NOW- more than ever, advertising dollars must stretch further”.

Hard to imagine but over 60 years later, those words ring so very true. We see clients challenged by a difficult sales environment, tight margins and hard-to-find budget dollars for industrial marketing services. Now communications really do need to be well planned (and well executed). Now integrated marketing communications dollars really do need to stretch further.

Sometimes the old answers are not the new answers. In this environment what worked might not be what works. Or, more likely, what worked might no longer be affordable. Find a new answer. Now.

If you struggle with a difficult sales environment, tight margins and/or hard-to-find integrated marketing communications dollars we should talk. In 1952 we said, “Phone 647 COLLECT.” Feel free to call us at 574-267-5178 COLLECT.

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