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Six Words and an Elevator Speech.

An agency-business blog we get recently challenged its readers to define our businesses and brands in six words. They even listed some of the buzzwords a lot of us would use. While several did use some of the buzzwords, it was fun reading what some of us came up with. In our own case the task was easy as we already had our words, and it happens that we have six words. Same ones for years.

Our six words - TSA Communications - Total Business Marketing Communications

What would your six words be? Need help?

Then, ADVERTISING AGE asked us for our so-called "Elevator Speech". This is the succinct, 200-words-or-less pitch you'd give a guy to sum up your business while taking a short trip together on an elevator. Check out our first-ever blog to see our Elevator Speech.

While neither our Six Words nor our Elevator Speech, we help B2B marketers better define their brands and drive them through their targeted markets. For more see us on Facebook and Twitter, or send us an e-mail .

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