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In the research phase of the buying process your prospects want to remain anonymous. They don't want the sales pitch yet. Don't want to be bothered. Don't want to be sold. They will let you know when it's time for that.

The problem is, leaving it to them might leave you off the list. When they reach out to the list of outfits they do want to talk to, how do you get your name on the list? Or better yet, on TOP of the list?

The answer is to get them to reveal themselves sooner in the selling process, when they would otherwise wish to remain invisible to you and your competitors. How? By offering them content they really want. Content that can help them in their buying process. A how-to guide, design tips, whitepaper, technology comparison, "save money three important ways," you name it. Give them important information they'll want to help them buy right.

This positions you as the expert. Give it away - just ask them to reveal who they are. Just the basics. No big long form.

Once you get it, that's NOT the time to pounce with a sales call or a string of "buy this now" e-mails. Now IS the time to nurture your budding relationship with ongoing helpful content. You begin to position yourself as the helpful expert versus "the guy just trying to sell me something." Your chance to come out on top of this process is much improved.

This approach is hard work. But it can pay big dividends.

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