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Get ready for behavioral advertising/site retargeting

It's new to the business-to-business/industrial marketplace. But it won't be for long.

In essence, it targets branded internet banner advertising to two types of people. The first - the people that have found your website. The second - the group that searches major search engines for what you have to offer. Even if they go to a competitive site.

You want to talk to the people that are visiting your site and your competitors' sites! Behavioral advertising gets that done. As the name implies, it monitors website behavior and targets your banner advertising to those people. With the firm we use for this service you also get an Inbound Lead Summary. This is a very sophisticated tracker that you can use to see the actual companies that are visiting your site. And in most cases their phone numbers (not individual's names). And not just behavioral advertising visitors but all of your site's visitors.

This is going to be a fast-growing approach in our world. Let us know if you want in on it, or want to learn more.

Or check us out on-line today.

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