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Digital media spend continues growth

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No surprise that total digital marketing dollars will rise 60.6% from 2013 to 2016. And while paid search or pay-per-click programs are and will be dominant in terms of dollars spent over that time period, social media is forecast to grow the most, by far. Here then is a look at the rate of expected growth in the seven digital marketing categories -

1. Social Media - 116.4%
2. Internet Video - 91.3%
3. Internet Display - 72.1%
4. Paid Search/PPC - 39.2%
5. Internet Radio - 33.2%
6. Internet Classified - 10.8%
7. Podcast - Flat

So while digital media has been growing, it will be strong in the years to come. Leading the way in terms of growth - social media and internet video. And pay-per-click will continue to attract the most dollars.

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