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Print is dead

(Don't tell that to WeatherTech…)

The fact that ROAD AND TRACK combines their December and January issues tells you something about the print advertising market. More than a few publications have gone out of business, reduced issues, gone digital. Times have changed.  

Bolingbrook, Illinois'-own WeatherTech is one of America's fastest-growing companies. They engineer, manufacture and sell their products right here in the USA. Their growth has been fantastic. A true American success story.  

And in this combined issue of ROAD AND TRACK WeatherTech had SEVEN PAGES of advertising. A six-page spread up front and another full page in the back. And that's not their only print advertising by any means (at the same time spotted in the WALL ST. JOURNAL, CAR AND DRIVER, AUTOWEEK and others).  

Dedicated to Made-in-the-USA. Aggressive print advertiser. Amazing growth story.  

Print isn't what it used to be. But don't tell WeatherTech it's dead. They know better…

Clay Kreicker, President

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