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Too cheap not to!

We’ve covered this before. But Constant Contact e-mails are so cost-effective that you should have them as part of your plan. Many of our clients do. More should.

It takes a good database of customer/prospect e-mail addresses of course. But given that, we can get a template and first e-mailer executed for just $400-$500. Future e-mailers would only run $300-$450. Really cost-effective communication.

Use e-mailers to announce a product, for pre – and post-show coverage or to just pass along new information. Each e-mailer features reporting – who opened it, who opted out, who bounced and who clicked further. Perfect.

So if you are not using low-cost e-mailers think about it. Or we can help you think about it! Just drop us a line.

Clay Kreicker, President


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