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How a b2b marketing agency can help you with your
show booth exhibit with professional graphics.

There once was a show manager named Dave,
Whose exhibit resembled a cave.
No one asked, "What is it?"
And few ever stopped in to visit.
But some, as they passed by, would wave.

Sad poem. Sadder story. The story is sad because it's too familiar. It's sad because Dave won't likely see any fruit from his labor. And it's sad because it doesn't have to be that way.

Here are some show pointers that would benefit cave dwellers like Dave:

Plan everything in advance. Months in advance. Last minute planning is costly.
State your show objectives and stick with them. Use your objectives to direct your marketing strategies, budget and professional graphics.
Deliver a simple message targeted to your specific audience. And deliver it from your customer's point of view--not yours. Tease visitors into your booth, then give them the sales pitch. A simple message can also help reduce show costs.
Use lots of lighting. Fluorescent or incandescent, direct or indirect. It doesn't matter--just use lots of it. Don't hide your product or service under a bushel basket.
Pick bold, appropriate colors that can separate you from the ambient color of the show. Visit other booths, other shows, then do something colorfully different. Don't rule out plain old black and white if it makes you stand out.
Choose graphics that complement the impression you want visitors to take away. Use handouts for the details. Coordinate your graphics with your literature for an overall organized look.
Sign up for the show as far in advance as possible. Ask for a location near the show entrance. Otherwise, some traffic entering and leaving the show might not even get close to your booth.
Keep the floor space open. Wide open. Don't clutter your booth and inhibit visitors' access. And don't trap them once they're in. Consider off-floor meeting areas to close the deal.
Remember that your visitors, including your most important customers, will likely be stopping by your competitors' booths to evaluate comparable products and services.
Tap into your advertising agency's show expertise.

Maybe you already implement most of these ideas. Maybe not. But either way, TSA Communications can help you climb out of your cave.

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