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Is your marketing communications agency earning its keep?

This is a question that goes through the minds of general and marketing management at many companies. Hopefully, even if the question does cross your mind, you have lots of good reasons to believe the answer is "yes!"

If not, then who should provide the answer? Well, we tend to believe that the agency itself is best qualified to answer questions such as: "Are we earning our keep?" "Are we performing as promised and living-up to our and our client's expectations?"

Your agency should be acting as a true partner in your marketing communications activities; an extension of your own firm, if you will. Therefore, we think it most appropriate to be forthright and candid with them if you feel some elements of dissatisfaction. Talk about it openly and let the agency explain why they are, or are not, fully accomplishing the job from their point of view. We think you would find the answers revealing and often can resolve issues to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

On the other hand, if you have explored these possibilities and continue to believe you're getting short-changed, overcharged, under-serviced, or whatever, it may be a good time to talk with us here at TSA. Over sixty-five years of successful business-to-business marketing communications experience tends to indicate we are "earning our keep" for most clients most of the time. So, please let us know if you think we can help.

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