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Directory Listings Management Boosts SEO Performance!

Something new. Initially we felt it was more appropriate for folks that offered sales at their location(s).

But what we have found is that this is an SEO tool and it seems to be of help to everyone (i.e. even folks that are not selling out of their business). At only $62.50 a month (that includes the service plus additional reporting) it’s a great value. Rather than sending those invoices monthly we simply work it into whatever our SEO billing/billing cycle is for a client.

But boost SEO results for $62.50 a month!? Why not?

Check out this brief overview and by all means let us know if you have any interest in boosting your own SEO performance.

The Only Time We Have is Now

“Borrowed” and edited from ENTREPRENEUR magazine’s editor…

A few years ago, for some occasion I don’t recall, my parents bought me a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It costs north of $200 a bottle, so I wanted to save it for something special. I waited and waited and the longer it sat, the more it felt like the right time had to be REALLY right.

Then the pandemic arrived. My family and I left our home. That bottle is sitting back in our living room. Who knows when I’ll see it? Really, it might as well not exist.

The only time we have is now. We forget that too often.

I was recently talking to an executive from a large company, who was telling me about a challenge with their sales team. The team liked being on the road, face-to-face with customers. Now they are home, demoralized, wondering: When will things get back to normal?

What a mistake. If that’s how this sales team thinks, then that’s probably how many of their competitors think. Imagine – legions of sales teams, all hibernating like bears. Waiting. Waiting. You know who will win? It’s the sales team that thinks: I’m making the most of today. The winners will realize they’re not in the traveling sales game. They’re in the relationships game. The convincing game.

People need us now. We can create opportunities now. Set aside the past that’s never coming back. We have lives to impact, and people to love, and whisky to drink. It’s all now. The only time we have is now.

Thank you Jason Feifer of ENTREPRENEUR.

Need help navigating the new not-normal? Perhaps we can help. Let’s get started.

Change is Synonymous with Growth

or how the pandemic forced change at a client…

Our client Craig Frendewey (Kalenborn Abresist USA) happened to be the last guy here prior to the lockdown and the first guy back here post-lockdown. In the time between he’d learned some things about a potential path forward. And, oddly, perhaps a path to get CLOSER to customers in spite of the New Normal (whatever that is).

We helped him come up with some new ways of doing things. See one of them here.

We also undertook a programmatic/geo-fencing and targeted LinkedIn advertising campaign as an effort to try to get to the customer in different ways.

Glad to talk to you about new ways to reach your customer during these very unusual and trying times. Let’s get started.

Interesting Pre- and Post-COVID Study Results

Marketing managers reported on the top 14 performing online channels in 2019. Here are the top seven –

  1. Organic search- 66%
  2. Paid search- 50%
  3. Email marketing- 50%
  4. Content marketing- 36%
  5. Digital advertising- 26%
  6. Paid media- 18%
  7. Organic social- 14%

And marketing managers reported the pandemic’s impact on the B2B sales model –

Before COVID:

  • Online/web support- 63%
  • E-commerce- 47%
  • Inside sales team- 50%
  • In-person/field sales team- 57%

After COVID:

  • Online/web support- 73%
  • E-commerce- 50%
  • Inside sales team- 39%
  • In-person/field sales team- 20%

While not directly related, it’s clear that digital efforts continue to grow and the global pandemic might well bring significant and lasting change to the B2B sales effort. We are working on that with clients now. Glad to talk to you about your efforts. Let’s get started.

What a Great Question!

Got an e-mail last week from a client. “Purchasing people are working from home. They’re on their computers researching re-sourcing and even re-shoring opportunities right now. How do we take advantage?” Well timed and so true.

At so many businesses, the phone is not ringing. Folks are at home. They do not have access to the company phone. But they do have access to the internet. To e-mail. And they are not sitting around being idle. They are researching how to do things differently, better, more productively and in some cases how to do those things closer to home.

“How do we take advantage?”

A great question and we are working with him on some answers. Glad to consider this with you too!

Here’s hoping this finds you and yours well during this most unique time in our history. Let’s get started.

A Client Making Lemonade!

April and early May are trade show season for a client of ours. And you can guess – all were cancelled. Four in a row. Ouch.

For other clients we have executed a programmatic/digital advertising solution known as event targeting or geo-fencing. In essence, it is the ability for us to fire our client banner ads at the folks that have mobile devices in a given geographic area. Say, a trade show hall. Or a trade show hall and surrounding hotels (or a large customer/prospect facility).

They are then “followed home” from the show and banners are targeted to their mobile device and often their desktop/laptop. Very effective in support of at-show efforts where a client is exhibiting. OR – targeting the visitors to a show they are not attending but want to impact.

But what if the show must not go on, as in the case our client? No problem. We can go back a year and target the visitors to last year’s show(s)!

That’s just what our client did. They were wiped out of the heart of their trade show season. And we are going to help them get exposure to the folks that were at those shows last year. We’re betting their competitors are NOT doing that.

Shows are expensive. But often very important. This is an inexpensive way to get exposure to very important audiences that the virus took away from you.

Lemons into lemonade!


And by all means, if you’d like to learn more let’s get started.

Bill Kreicker, April 1951

My, my look at the time!

This young man, Bill Kreicker, Jr., was a young account executive here in April of 1951. Our third year in business and just getting started.

We now reach our 72nd anniversary and yes, time does fly. We’ve had a lot of great people and a lot of great clients and industry partners. Without them, we would not be here today. But here we are. At 72, still delivering targeted and balanced business marketing communications solutions. Glad to talk to you about your efforts, let’s get started.

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