Who We Are

A full service advertising agency dedicated to total business marketing communications.


We specialize in total business marketing communications. We do it because we know it well, do it well and mostly because we like helping other businesses grow and profit. We can do it because we're experts, know a lot of ways to get the most out of a dollar and work hard at it. If you market to business, why not choose an agency that does nothing else?

We are expert at the delivery of balanced, tailored and targeted marketing communications programs to small-to-medium-sized business-to-business marketers. You will find here a complete range of services from good-old-fashioned advertising and PR to the latest interactive initiatives and search marketing. If it has to do with communications for the business-to-business marketer, in our 69 years we’ve either done it or do it every day.

And unlike some agencies, we truly value our clients and our long-term relationships above troubles or profit opportunities du jour. The Proof? Many of our clients have been with us for decades.

We attribute these long relationships to our concept of Ideas Plus Understanding™. Creative thinking combined with business understanding and an understanding of our clients’ challenges and opportunities. Not only the know-how, but the know-why.


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